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Grgak's OFFICIAL wikiEdit

Grgak is a Russian YouTuber who plays the games that the other Youtubers are too scared to play. He is a part of the Super Planet Dolan channel. Make sure to ask him any time you can "Hey Grgak can you please tell Dolan I said hi?" And he'd gladly stop what he's doing to tell his boss that a complete stranger said "hi"

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Grgak's Gulag

Who is this radical guy anyway?Edit

Grgak (aka Grgak Games) is the best member from Super Planet Dolan. He has many friends and is super cool. Grgak enjoys playing retro video games like Bubsy, as well as newer games. He runs his own YouTube channel: Grgak Games

On his channel, Grgak streams frequently. He has done 24 hour streams, and a week dubbed "Grgak's Gulag" in which he streamed 10 hours for 7 days.

Latest activityEdit